You Deserve To Be Pampered!

white tips with gold leavesWhite,Purple flowerLook good and feel good with a manicure that reflects your style.

From bold acrylics or conservative neutrals to fancy design or holiday whimsy, you pick exactly what you want. Then, the professionally-trained nail artists at Pampered & Polished will dazzle your fingers.

Put your hands in our hands, sit back, relax,…and enjoy the pampering!


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New Sculpted Sets
Short Length $65
Medium Length $75
Long Length $80
Overlay on natural nail $45

**New set prices include basic color and/or glitter**

Short Length $50
Medium Length $55
Long Length $60
Sculpted French Add $5 for the set

Includes one nail repair, extra nails $5 each
**Fill prices include basic color and/or glitter**

French Ombre (white or one color fade) $1 per nail
Color blend ombre $2 per nail
Chrome $1 per nail
Hand-painted art $3 per nail and up

**If you would like detailed art with your sets please let me know in advance**

Crystals $0.50 per gem
Striping tape/foil/dried flowers/glitter/mylar, etc. $1 per nail and up
Nail repairs $7
Removals $30
Gel Polish Only $30

**Please note: Any cancellations within 24 hours of appointment will have a $25 charge on your next appointment**

About Stephanie

Me for rack card 3Ever since Stephanie was a little girl, she loved to be creative.

When she was a teenager, she and her seamstress mother made crafts and exhibited at fairs as the dynamic duo, “I Tole, You Sew.” To this day, she enjoys painting with oils and acrylics.

But, while she enjoys making pretty art, she found that painting or making crafts was not a career path, since she missed interacting with people.

Thinking about career opportunities that would allow her to combine her creativity, love of painting, and love of people, she was drawn to nail art.

In 2015, Stephanie graduated from Mirage Spa Education with a diploma in nail technology and manicure and pedicure.

With experience under her belt and happy clients telling others, she opened Pampered & Polished Nail Spa in Comox in 2015.